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Gina made this application form, and I never gave anyone in the dorkslikewhoa community this info, so here goes-

Name- Tyler

Age- 17

Location- Venice, Florida


5 bands- Early November, The Pillows(japanese), Coheed and Cambria,
Sugarcult, Mae

movie- The Matrix!!

cartoon- Chobits

color- black

song- "I Want to Hear You Sad" by Early November

food- Hawaiian Pizza and Banana Splits

drink- Mountain Dew

Opinions on:

gay marriages- I think they're good. I like different people in society, and besides, marriage is the bonding of two people who love each other, so why not?

abortion- I guess its ok with me, but can't we all just used birth control and condoms?

ice cream- MMMMMmmmmmmm...

computers- One of the most important things in life :-D

gym- As long as I'm not the absolute weakest I don't mind.

drugs/alcohol- Alcohol is ok if you just wanna loosen up a little, but you really don't need drugs. Go sky diving.

Why do you think you’re a dork? Because everyone tells me, and I tell myself. I only like dorks too. Umm... You will understand if you meet me.

Why do you want to join this community? I'm bored. And maybe I can meet a fellow dork to hang out with.
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