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I noticed that this community doesn't update very much. WHUDDUP WITH THAT?!

I thought the point of it was to be united in our dorkiness & such. Come on people let's unite!

The other day I was on the light rail with my boyfriend, we were going downtown. It was packed, so we were standing. In front of me was an older man in a wheelchair. As I was exhausted I inconspicuously leaned my knees against his wheelchair for support. All of a sudden, I heard a SNAP! It turns out that my leaning a partial amount of my body weight on his wheelchair cause the brake to snap off. I immediately rushed to find the brake & magically put it back on. In the process, the light rail started slowing down & the man started rolling forward in his wheelchair. So I instinctively stood up & turned around. As the light rail started to move again, I body was thrust backward & I lost my balance completely. Long story short: I ended up in this man's lap, rolling backward on a train in front of a heap of people, [& my boyfriend.] It took me at least ten seconds before I realized I was sitting in this old man's lap & by that time everyone around had already observed & got their share of laughs in. The man shouted after he had recovered from the shock "THAT'S THE LUCKIEST I'VE BEEN IN YEARS!" Okay gross. I'm a dork. [Mind you, this all took place in less than two minutes.]

While I'm at it, I'm due for some new LJ pals. [I'm a great commenter.] Add me & I'll add you back. Fo shizzle.

Jessica Clair </3
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